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Creator Quest: Concert Venues (Contest Rules & Submission Form)

🪄 Creator Quests

Creator Quests are art contests where artists of any skill level can showcase their creativity to earn prizes, digital collectibles and have their artwork minted on Unblocked. Artists submit art based on a given theme and have the community to vote for their favorites!

All eligible participants get a free mint of the randomized pool of finalist artworks.

🏟️ Theme: Concert Venue 🏟️

The “Concert Venues” Creator Quest is all about reimagining the unique and iconic features of your favorite concert venues. Create art that showcases the venue's architecture, lighting, stage design, or sound system, and that reflect the musical genre typically played there. Above all, remember that quality and originality are key - we can't wait to see what you come up with!

🏆 Prizes and Rewards

Unblocked Creator Quest Judges will select the 5-10 finalists. Community votes on the top 3 artworks from the finalists who will receive cash prizes and digital collectibles.

• 1st Place: $200 Amazon Gift Card + Their Own Artwork Minted
• 2nd Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card + Their Own Artwork Minted
• 3rd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Their Own Artwork Minted
• Other Finalists: Silver L00T + Their Own Artwork Minted • All Finalists get their artworks minted and entered in a randomized pool • All Participants get (1) free mint at the randomized pool of finalist artworks

🖌️ How to Participate

1. Create art based on the theme. You can submit any existing art that you have, create new artwork, and/or use AI-collaborative tools. 2. Submit your artwork on this form. Limit to 5 submissions max per participant. 3. Check Discord on Tuesday, 3/7/23 at 12pm PT to see if you made it as a finalist! 4. Get your friends to vote! Community has 48 hours to vote for the top finalists. 5. Claim your free mint. All participants get a free mint at a randomized pool of the top finalists artworks. If you're one of the winners, you'll also get your prizes delivered via email.

📅 Important Dates

• Contest Submissions (7 days): Monday, 2/27/23 at 12pm PT - Monday, 3/6/23 at 11:59am PT
• Finalists Announced: Tuesday, 3/7/23 at 12pm PT
• Community Voting (2 days): Tuesday, 3/7/23 at 12pm PT - Thursday 3/7/23 12pm PT
• Top 3 Winners Announced: Thursday 3/7/23

⛏️ Free Tools & Resources

Mid Journey Bot: #🛠│midjourney-creator-quest (use command /imagine) • Lexica Art: Night Cafe:

📜 Terms and Conditions

• Must be over 18 years old to participate and not live in any restricted region. • Artwork must be original and suitable for all ages • Existing artwork can be submitted if it abides by the Artist Contest Terms & Conditions. • By participating in the Contest, you acknowledge and agree that any submitted content may be used by Unblocked to mint the submitted work as NFTs and for marketing purposes. • No purchase necessary to participate. • Restricted regions: Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Congo (the Democratic Republic of the), Cuba, Guinea-Bissau, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of), Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan (the), Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Yemen.

Submit your artwork below!

Max 5 submissions per participant. Each artwork must be its own separate submission.

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