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Ambassador Referral Program

🎁 Earn 100 UCP for every New User you gift a Mystery L00T who plays 3+ trivia games 🎁

Here’s how it works:
1. Add 🟣 Unblocked to your Twitter and Discord name.
2. Fill out the form below to opt-in to the Ambassador Referral Program.
3. Once accepted, we’ll provide a redemption page link and an unique code with mystery L00T (Bronze, Silver, or Gold L00T) to share with your friends.
For every new user who redeems your code and completes 3+ Trivia games, you’ll earn 100 UCP (Unblocked Credit Points) this season.
Only the first 50 ambassadors will be accepted for this pilot program. The rest will be added to the waitlist. Reward farming on multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and subject to account suspension.

What is your registered email address?

Email must be registered on an Unblocked storefront (i.e. Unblocked Exchange, Billboard ChartStars, RHTHM)

What is your Unblocked username?

This can be found on the top right after logging into Unblocked

What is your Discord handle? (optional)

By signing up for the Ambassador Referral Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the Unblocked Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions. Unblocked Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions